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My large repository of baseball card data.

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This page is dedicated to my hobbies, like programming and baseball card collecting.

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My longest hobby is baseball cards. I started collecting baseball cards in 1977 as a child. By 1989, I was purchasing cards at a more ``serious'' level. I currently have more than 65,000 of them in my library of cards. First and foremost, I enjoy collecting my four favorite teams; the Cubs, White Sox, Cardinals, and the Red Sox. Secondly, I like to collect by manufacture. Topps, Fleer, Leaf, and Upper Deck cards. Topps 65, 67, 83, and 84 are my favorite Topps. Fleer 81, 89, 90, and 95 are my favorite Fleer years. Lastly, I also collect players outside of those four teams that were multi All-Stars and/or HOFs. This database is my attempt to catalog all the cards in my card library.
~ Mr. Gibson - Baseball card collector / hobbyist

Additionally, I host my Cisco SQL - page 1 and Cisco SQL - page 2

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