ComSIPL is a SIP/UDP/IP based Communication PBX Server and Proxy
For Voice / Presence / Video / Instant Messaging communication use.

Written from scratch in C language, ComSIPL is fast and uses low memory and CPU resources.

ComSIPL 0.8.8 released Jan 20 2024 for Linux and Windows
- Squashes the annoying presence subscription bug #000022

ComSIPL 0.8.7 released Dec 27 2023 for Linux and Windows
- Many improvements and bug fixes to Admin Portal [admini].
- Many improvements and bug fixes to SIP Listener [sipl].

ComSIPL 0.8.6 released Dec 18 2023 for Linux and Windows
- Bug fixes to Admin Portal [admini].
- Bug fixes, added PIDF:IM back to the SIP Presence Broker[sipp]
- Clean up on SIP Listener and SIP Registrar[sipl]

Note: Due to this software being in the earliest stages, configurations are very much in a state of flux.

| Documentation:

Setting up clients:
  • Softphone Client List
  • How to setup phone clients

    Server Documents:
  • General how to tasks
  • Data Files
  • Server Executible Files
  • Default Route Patterns
  • Using ACD

    About SIP:
  • SIP format rules
  • Standard SIP voice call flows
  • SIP presence

    Working to a 1.0 release!!!
  • Bugs
  • ToDo
  • Update changes

  • Images of command line admin portal as of 0.8.7