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Post: back to the wood shop
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20-jan-2001 Posted by Mike back to the wood shop
Went back to Dad`s wood shop to make the display panel.

First I took off the frame around the screen.
Then we made very careful measurements before doing any cutting.
Below Dad is making the grid for the speaker holes
We used a presision drill press to drill the holes

Next we cut out the screen area.
Then using rales areen area.
Then using rales and a router, we made a lip for the screen to sit in.
Dad`s showing his talent as he free-hands around the final time with the router.

Tag: MAME Arcade

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Comment posted 23-10-2007 | # 00205 | Comment by what happened | mod post | Score: 1 (Normal)
to the pictures?

Comment posted 23-10-2007 | # 00206 | Comment by mike | mod post | Score: 1 (Normal)
The links have been changed. I hope to fix soon.

Comment posted 13-01-2009 | # 00282 | Comment by mike | Score: 2 (Informative)
Photo links FINALLY fixed