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Post: Cub Favorites
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June-10-2012 Posted by Mike Cub Favorites
1964 Topps Ernie Banks. Statistically, the third best overall player and the 4th best batter the Cubs have every known. This card is not in great condition, but one of my favorite. Here is to "Mr Cubs"
1964 Topps Ernie Banks
1978 Topps Andre Dawson. One of my favorite players to ever wear the Cubs uniform. In fact, my first favorite Cubs player. I loved watching the "Hawk" Andre Dawson stare down the pitcher with that intense look while at bat. This card has minor wear on two of the corners. I don't have a huge collection of Andre. At this time about 18 cards:
mrgibson.com/baseball7.php?name=Andre Dawson
1978 Topps Andre Dawson
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