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Mon-28-Mar-2016 gold
My 5678th card cataloged is a 2014 red parallel All-Star card of Erick Aybar. This got me thinking about my first parallel card. Green flake. Was not a fan. I am now a fan. Particularly of gold numbered cards. Numbered card give you the impression that the card you are receiving is worth a little more than the generic card that have hundred of thousands printed.

2015 Topps gold cards are a little harder to see

This photo shows the difference between a gold parallel card and standard print for Topps 2015

Not all gold cards are numbered. For example, here is a 2012 Topps foil gold cards vs numbered gold cards. Both parallels, one numbered.

Topps 2012 spread with David Ortiz gold numbered parallel.

Topps 2013

2014 gold vs standard.

2014 Topps Red, White, and Blue All-Star cards

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