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Post: 2016
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Wed-23-Dec-2015 Posted by Mike 2016
I'm not as super optimistic as many people about 2016 and the Cubs. I do believe the Cubs will have a winning year in 2016. I believe that acquiring Heyward is a very positive aspect for the Cubs. In fact, I'm a big fan of his defense and office. So yes, I am very excited about the Cubs acquiring him. I believe there is a lot more greatness to come from him. I think it speaks loads in his faith in the team also by choosing the Cubs for less money because he believes he has the best chance of winning a World Series with the Cubs.
I know that the management and owners are working hard on improving pitching, I'm not convinced the changes so far will make a big difference. Will Jake Arrieta have another outstanding year? Also, I'm not so excited about John Lackey. We saw the best of him early on in 2015 and the Cardinals know that he has already peaked. The Cubs will get Lackey on his way down. Hopefully he can give the Cubs some good innings. Although each year Anthony Rizzo improves, I would like to see a more consistent Rizzo.

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I will probably be moving in during the last of may - first of june. The house has 4 bedrooms and is 3980 sq ft.