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Post: What to do?
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Sun-28-feb-2010 Posted by Mike What to do?
You may have noticed that I have not posted on this site since Nov 28, 2009. I am debating on what to do with the site. Facebook, has become the norm with keeping everyone up to date with what is going on. I have years of blogging on this site and I plan on at a min archiving it on this site. possibly on another site. That leave me asking what do I want to do with this site. If you have any ideas email me.

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Comment posted 02-03-2010 | # 00316 | Comment by anonymous | mod post | Score: 1 (Normal)
1 Corinthians 13

Comment posted 02-03-2010 | # 00317 | Comment by Mike | mod post | Score: 1 (Normal)
The size of the data for the blogging has gotten too large. Something must change in the design.