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Post: As promised
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Wed-10-dec-2008 Posted by Mike As promised
Next is the letter from August, as promised. (I love this letter).

To me, Thanksgiving mean my Nana comes over and then Mema comes. When they get to my house we play with toys, eat and then eat more. We eat macaroni and cheeseburgers. I am thankful for fries and cheesburgers. I am also thankful for Nana and Poka.

Thanksgiving 2008

I also have some great new photos of the kids. Look for them on Flickr!
Paige as Santa, August as Mrs Claus, and Maddie as Santa's helper.
Plus more! School photos of Aaron, Paige, and August.

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Comment posted 12-12-2008 | # 00280 | Comment by Nana and Poka | mod post | Score: 2 (Funny)
Right on, August. Nothing as good as Cheeseburgers and Fries....YUMMY! Well, unless it is Nana and Poka! ha/ha We love you and were so happy to be with you on Thanksgiving!

Comment posted 28-06-2009 | # 00306 | Comment by Nana | mod post | Score: 1 (Normal)
Way to go, Maddi! You show your "old daddy" you can do anything you want to do - and that includes walking or not walking!