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Post: The good, bad, and ugly
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Mon-11-aug-2008 Posted by Mike The good, bad, and ugly
It has been a while since I have done a good, bad, and ugly posts

Let's start with the

1) Decatur and Bloomington's Martial Arts program at Smith Institute-Martial Arts. I'm continuously impressed.
2) Sushi at Hayashi Japanese Restaurant. Actually all their food is excellent.
3) Tendnet b/g/n wireless router. I purchased this Friday from ComputerDeli. It solved many of my problems. I have had 1 d-link and 2 linksys in the past. Not only is the router much better, it is much cheaper.
4) GDEW has advanced enough to make mention of
5) ReactOS has released 0.3.6. Yeah!

1) The price tag at Hayashi Japanese Restaurant.
2) The fact that with Flickr you can send your photos to Target but not Walmart
3) I'm continuously disappointed with Windows Vista and XP and their inability to handle anything that goes wrong. Yes, Vista is very, very crash-able.
4) Monday morning.

I could not think of anything ugly, so I give two more of these

Yes, I had more things I wanted to post, but I can't think of them this Monday morning I guess if I think of them I'll have another post.

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Comment posted 11-08-2008 | # 00267 | Comment by anne | Score: 0 (Bad taste)
I thought Mondays were ugly not just bad lol

Comment posted 12-08-2008 | # 00268 | Comment by Amy | mod post | Score: 1 (Normal)
What about my sushi????

Comment posted 12-12-2008 | # 00280 | Comment by Nana and Poka | mod post | Score: 2 (Funny)
Right on, August. Nothing as good as Cheeseburgers and Fries....YUMMY! Well, unless it is Nana and Poka! ha/ha We love you and were so happy to be with you on Thanksgiving!