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Post: Happy Heart Day
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Thu-14-feb-2008 Posted by Mike Happy Heart Day

Yes, it is Heart Day! 

The day of flowers, candy, hugs, kisses, stuffed animals, and more.

So, to my family and friends,
or whoever might read this,
Happy Valentines Day everyone.

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Comment posted 20-09-2006 | # 00099 | Comment by Amy | Score: 2 (Informative)
I found one more article. This one is of a Bo Bice concert review from the Bloomington, IL show. http://www.dailyvidette.com/media/storage/paper420/news/2006/09/18/Features/Last-Lap.Hosts.american.Idol.RunnerUp.Performance-2281238.shtml

Check it out.

Comment posted 14-02-2008 | # 00224 | Comment by Jazz and Laci | Score: 2 (Informative)
Happy Valentine's Day to you.
Comment posted 26-02-2008 | # 00228 | Comment by Grandma Michael | mod post | Score: 1 (Normal)
Aaron, from the moment we set eyes on you, you were a joy for us. Each birthday you are just that much more so. Grampa Michael and I want to send our love and wishes that your day is full of fun and laughter. MUCH HAPPINESS ON YOUR VERY SPECIAL DAY!