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Post: June 16, 2008
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Wed-30-jan-2008 Posted by Mike June 16, 2008
I just found out a something this morning. The Cubs and Padres are to play the last Hall of Fame Game this year. Major League Baseball announced this will be the final Hall of Fame Game, a tradition which began in 1940 and the last remaining in-season exhibition game on the schedule for many years. This will be the seventh appearance for the Cubs, who last played in Cooperstown in 1995 when they beat the Tigers 8-6. Sammy Sosa won the Home Run Derby afterward. Because of increasingly difficult scheduling problems, Major League Baseball has announced that the midseason tradition will end after this game. Also interesting is the game will be on my birthday. Slightly on the same topic, my birthday and Fathers day are the same day this year. By that date, I will be a father once more, and tragically cheated of two days of celebration. Two days in which I receive gifts given to me for the task of being born and seeing to that others were born. OK, that was way off topic

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Comment posted 30-01-2008 | # 00218 | Comment by Amy | mod post | Score: 2 (Funny)
I thought that when you receive a gift it is the "thought that counts". When I buy you a birthday gift, I'll be thinking "wow, what a great 'double' gift". LOL

Comment posted 30-01-2008 | # 00219 | Comment by Mike | mod post | Score: 1 (Normal)
What are you worried about? You don't normally get me a fathers day gift.