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Post: Winter Jam 2008
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Fri-25-jan-2008 Posted by Mike Winter Jam 2008
I went to Winter Jam 2008 last night with Amy and Aaron at the Red Bird Arena in Normal IL. Froze our butts off outside waiting to get in.

Winter Jam 2008 is a bunch of Christian bands touring across the US together. Most of these bands I had never heard of before, but then again, I don't listen to a lot of Christian music. The concert started a little after 6 PM. The concert also had several breaks in it containing prayer. This is not something I'm familiar with in a concert, but something I understand given it was billed as a Christian event. There was a very impressive stage setup with professional lighting, techtronics, ect. The sound system made for a very loud evening. Every fabric of clothing moved on my body to the music and the bass rattled my chest.

Here is how I rated the bands:
PureNRG      Rated B-
Group 1 Crew Rated A
Mandisa      Rated B+
New Song     Rated A-
Skillet      Rated A
BarlowGirl   Rated B+
Connersvine  Rated B+
Mercy Me     Rated B
The POP teen group "PureNRG" tried their hearts out to put on a really good show, but fell a little short of doing so for me. I appreciated the effort on stage, but I felt like I was watching Nickelodeon. Maybe if I was 10 I would have liked it better. I had to give them at least a B-. How many bands do you know that do more than 5 backflips?

Overall, the best in vocals was "Group 1 Crew". The music from this band was a perfect mixture of Hip Hop with the great soulful, R&B voice of Blanca Reyes. I actually liked them enough to buy their album based off the show. They also signed the CD for me (how cool).

Mandisa's show was professional and her singing was what one would consider on par for her reputation as a great singer. A little too much focus on her American Idol fame through out the show though.

Best of Show was the Hard Rock band "Skillet". I will note that it felt odd, kinda out of place, listening to them without the presence of a mosh pit.

Even though I thought the group "New Song" started a little boring, the Best Jams went to "New Song". There was a couple songs that really show-cased some talent. I need to mention the performance of Matt Butler of "New Song" and how well he can Jam with the Cello, Keyboard, and Violin. Yes, I was very impressed with his Cello solo.

Lastly, the only group I knew of before hand, "Mercy Me", I found boring. Amy and Aaron seemed to enjoy it - singing these songs that they knew so well. But listing to the songs for the first time and watching the show; sorry, boring at times. If I had gone by myself, I probably would have skipped out after the first 2 songs and left about 10 PM. I don't have all bad things to say about "Mercy Me". Barry Graul, their guitarist, really, really rocks. But he showed his talent more when he played with a couple other bands. Especially with the group "New Song".

In conclusion, from how I rated the music, it is my opinions that this concert was well worth the $10 a person to get in. Maybe I will go next year

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Comment posted 23-01-2008 | # 00215 | Comment by Jeff | Score: 2 (Informative)

Comment posted 25-01-2008 | # 00216 | Comment by Amy | Score: 2 (Informative)
I have to disagree with some of Mike's ratings. Mine are below:
Comment posted 25-01-2008 | # 00217 | Comment by mike | mod post | Score: 1 (Normal)
The thought that "PureNRG" was lip syncing occurred to me. I watched them close. I'm was not sure if they were or were not.
Comment posted 14-09-2008 | # 00273 | Comment by x.PureNRG.x | mod post | Score: 1 (Normal)
pureNRG is awsome and really nice people they are not fakes and you shouldn't be dissing them like that when you don't even know them or listen to them im not christan really but i still think that they are the most awsomeest band in the world and they aren't like a lot of other people that will go and do nude or drugs so they are good role modles