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Post: Need a friend?
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Thu-30-nov-2006 Posted by Mike Need a friend?
I had to post this one. You have heard the saying, "Money can not buy friends". Wrong! Yes you can and for a limited time fairly cheep. It looks like some users of popular social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook are so lonely and sorta pathetic as to actually pay real money for friends. Here is the kicker, these friends are not even real! You can apparently choose from a selection of 'models' to leave you customized comments to look like you have friends and are popular on-line. If you need a friend, go visit http://www.fakeyourspace.com/. You can get a friend for only 99 cents a month.

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Comment posted 20-09-2006 | # 00101 | Comment by Mike | mod post | Score: 1 (Normal)
Nope, no photos. A couple people have asked that question. I thought about taking some photos, but it was simply too ugly

Comment posted 06-12-2006 | # 00139 | Comment by jenny | Score: 2 (Informative)
there (sadly) is another site (www.mobilealibi.com) where you can schedule "Image" calls - complete with fake voices and Caller ID information - to make yourself look more popular. If that wasn't enough, they also offer "rescue" calls to help you escape bad and boring situations.
Is this a trend?