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Post: Soap
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Fri-08-sep-2006 Posted by Mike Soap
While Anne and I were talking about how complex and crazy my life appears to be (especially the last month), she made the observation that my life is pretty much like a soap opera. She also suggested that considering that my life is so, I should have a name, theme song, and intro for my life. Well, here they are:

Some possible names of my soap:
"Days of my children at Oak Drive"
"All of my data"
"My two houses"

Possible Intro:
"As the deer trips over my fence in my back yard, these are the days of my children at Oak Drive."

I have written my likely theme song also... I need to hook up my midi compatible keyboard to my computer for that though.

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Comment posted 19-07-2006 | # 00069 | Comment by utilizera | mod post | Score: 1 (Normal)
HI! I love this place!

Comment posted 07-09-2006 | # 00085 | Comment by Erica Kane | mod post | Score: 2 (Funny)
What about....
Old and the Helpless, Edge of Heyworth, Desperate Neighbors, Gibson Crest, Mike's Landing, McLean County Law, 24/7, Mike's Trek, or Mike the Tree Slayer. Any of those sound good?

Comment posted 08-09-2006 | # 00086 | Comment by Mike | mod post | Score: 1 (Normal)
Hey! Who are you calling old! 

I kinda like the sound of the title "Edge of Heyworth"

Comment posted 08-09-2006 | # 00087 | Comment by A. Concerned Citizen | mod post | Score: 1 (Normal)
 Dude... you need a vacation. Like... now.