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Post: The last thing that Tracy won
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Wed-06-oct-2004 Posted by Mike The last thing that Tracy won
In the ten years that Tracy and I were married, she was always winning stuff. Game tickets, food, movies, DVD player, stereo, money. It was kind of a joke between us how often she won stuff.

After one of Aaron's ballgames we went out to eat at Culvers. Tracy entered her name at Culvers on July 10th, for a mountain bike. I was just notified that she won

I picked it up yesterday. I did not need the bike. I already have a mountain bike and Aaron has a brand new mountain bike. But I felt that I was supposed to.

No one questioned me or asked for my ID. I just gave them the paper.


Yep, it came with that helmet. No, my van is not purple. It was 6:15 when I took the photo and my camera messes up on colors. (time for a new camera soon)

It is a very nice bike. Much better than we have. Aluminum frame, super lite.

Most important it's Tracy's.

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Comment posted 07-04-2006 | # 00018 | Comment by Mike | mod post | Score: 1 (Normal)
The cool thing about this bike is that Tracy won it on the day of Aaron's last ball game. Just a few days before she died.