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Post: Slackware Baby!
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Thu-15-jul-2004 Posted by Mike Slackware Baby!
OS News did a review of slackware 10. They gave it a thumbs up. I have to disagree with at least one point the author makes though. Concerning the installation, I still think slackware is one of the harder distros to install.

from OS News:

'Slackware 10 is a well-rounded distribution that will continue to make a first-class Linux server platform. Changes in the new release are incremental, not radical, and Slackware remains one of the most stable, reliable and flexible distributions available today. True to tradition, Slackware 10 is refreshingly free of the convoluted and confusing "enhancements" often added by other Linux vendors that can make straightforward system administration tasks a real pain if you don't use their GUI tools. If you build and manage Linux server systems, I certainly recommend trying a Slackware solution!'

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