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Post: Making a better day
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Mon-11-Sep-2017 Posted by Mike Making a better day
Just a few blurbs. It`s Sept 11. Spent a lot of time this morning and afternoon talking to the kids about that day so long ago now.

Secondly, blah, I`m going to get it out of the way. The Cubs have found a way to let the Brewers and Cardinals catch up again so that we have a race again in the National League central. As a Cubs fan, I`m disappointed.
Team  W   L   %     GB
CHC   77  66  .538  -
MIL   75  68  .524  2.0
STL   75  68  .524  2.0
I'm accepting of the fact that the Cubs are close to ruining their whole season in September. The Cubs would be very lucky to sweep the Mets this week. How game play is going, I would not be surprised to see the Mets sweep the Cubs.

Working on several web sites now. None of them mine. The most fun is for Morningstar Church in Normal. Doing a complete redesign for the site.

As far as Hydrogen, I'm writing several modules for saving files. Also work with cell views and scroll bars.

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