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Post: Making a better SS
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Fri-01-Sep-2017 Posted by Mike Making a better SS
Over the last two weeks I have pulled up some code I have not worked on for a while. Hydrogen is a spread sheet program I had started some time ago. This is code that I have written so far 100% myself. The application has a command line interface and a GTK GUI interface. At this point I am considering abandoning the CLI interface. I have been expanding the functionality quite a bit. For example, one thing that has bothered me about all spread sheet applications that I have ever worked on is that by looking at a spread sheet, there is no way to tell what cells are data and what cells are formulas without clicking on the cells. Below is a spread sheet on MS Excel. B5 on this spread sheet is a simple SUM formula.

One of the most recent changes to my code can be seen by the same spread sheet loaded into Hydrogen. Inside the cell that has the formula, a icon is placed so that it can be easily seen as a fomula cell.

If you hover the mouse over the cell, a tool tip will pop up with the formula in the cell.

Just by looking at the screen shots, it is easy to see that Hydrogen is a very different spread sheet than MS Excel or most any other spread sheet programs out there, yet it does the same basic functionality. But my foremost goal has been to make this application simple in interface and design.

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