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Post: Fun Stuff
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Sat-19-Aug-2017 Posted by Mike Fun Stuff
I purchased a counterfeit NES with 500 built in games off eBay. So worth my $20. Paige and I getting to play Super Mario all we want is worth it. Came with 2 controllers, s-video-stereo-audio hookup, power supply, and two horribly written manuals.
Some of the games back then, in my opinion, were not that great. But some were awesome. The system is packed with good, great, bad, and awful games.
My biggest disappointments:

#12 - Mortal Kombat 4,and I love the Mortal Kombats series. But this graphics and game play are horrible.

#127 - Millipede. I love Centipede and always thought the sequel Millipede was the lesser. With this version of Millipede, they made the game even worse.

What was surprising was how they got some of the arcade classics so right. Examples:

#90 Burger Time.
#96 Defender
#99 Donkey Kong
#100 Donkey Kong Jr.
#101 Donkey Kong 3
#109 Galga
#116 Joust
#125 Mario Bros
#135 Pacman
#147 1942

There are many more I have not tried of course.

The Cubbies are still in First. The Pirates are backing out of the race since I last wrote about them at 6.5 games out. Cardinals are in second and 1.5 games out still.
I'm did some research on the Cubs and home runs. Currently 5 players on the team have 20 or more home runs. I could not find another year that this has happened. Anyone know?

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