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Post: NLC Race
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Sat-12-Aug-2017 Posted by Mike NLC Race
We still have a race for the playoffs. The Cubs had a great July, but their August in looking a lot like June. This has allowed the other teams to hang on.
Team  W   L   %     GB
CUBS  59  54  .522  -
STL   58  56  .509  1.5
MIL   59  57  .509  1.5
PIT   56  58  .491  3.5
The Brewers and the Cubs are at this moment tied in the lead for Runs. The Cardinals are not far behind. Interestingly, the Cardinals lead in hits. The Brewers lead in Home Runs. The Pirates are last in Run and Home Runs.
Team  R     H     HR
Cubs  530*  941-  160
MIL   530*  982   163*
STL   525   995*  135
PIT   481-  952   108-
What has kept the Cardinals from cathing the Cubs, their lack of power hitting and leaving people on base. What keeps the Pirates in the race, their pitching. They give up the fewest Home Runs and walks. What is kept the Brewers at bay from the Cubs; their pitchng. Of the four teams, they give up more Home Runs and walk more batters.
Team  W  HR   BB   SO
Cubs  59 137  386  987*
STL   58 127  338  953
MIL   59 143- 405- 949
PIT   56 124* 328* 862-
None of the four teams are what they were last year. The Cubs, Cardinals, and Pirates are worse teams. The Brewers are better than last year. I don't think I need to show numbers to prove that.

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