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Post: Stadium facts
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Fri-04-Aug-2017 Posted by Mike Stadium facts
The Rockies stadium, Coors Field, is about a mile above sea level. Because of the altitude, the field is not a pitcher`s stadium. Baseballs break 20% less and fly balls carry 20% farther than at Tampa Bay`s stadium, Tropicana Field at Florida`s sea level altitude. Because of this, the Rockies installed a humidor room to solve part of the problem. The room houses the baseballs the Rockies use during their games. This humidor room alters the balls to make them not travel as far.

Wrigley field opened in 1914, but some don`t remember that the Bears pro football team played at Wrigley field from 1921 to 1970. They were called the Staleys (because they were originally for Decatur IL) for the first season but then renamed themselves to coordinate with the Cubs.

The Green Monster wasn`t always green. Boston Red Sox Fenway Field`s Green Monster is one of the best-known physical features of any major league ballpark. It has been there since the park opened in 1912, but for its first 35 years, its defining features, tall and lively green, wasn`t always that way. It wasn`t until 1947 that the wall was painted green. Twenty-eight years later, the tin wall was replaced with hard plastic. From a distance, the Green Monster looks like a uniform green sheet, but it`s actually marked by tens of thousands of dents from the balls that have hit the wall since its current incarnation was installed in 1975. It has been estimated 164,430 to 211,044 dents.

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