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Post: Cubs Mid Season
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Mon-10-Jul-2017 Posted by Mike Cubs Mid Season
It is All-Star break and the Cubs are 5.5 games back and below 500 with .489. Most fans and experts agree that it is mostly due to horrible starting pitching. Lackey, Lester, and Arrieta all look very replaceable.

The good news. The season is not lost, yet.
The offense still has sparks of the last two seasons. Who is leading in offense?

Runs Leader  Bryant           57
Hits Leader  Rizzo            82
doubles      Bryant / Rizzo   17 tied
triples      Bryant / Russell  3 tied
Home runs    Rizzo            20
RBIs Leader  Rizzo            56
BB Leader    Bryant           59
Stolen bases Bryant            6
Average      Jay              .300
On base %    Bryant           .399
Slugging     Happ             .546
OPS          Bryant           .928

Bryant leads 7
Rizzo Leads 4
Jay lead 1
Happ leads 1 
Russell leads 1

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