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Post: Upper Deck
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Sat-20-Feb-2016 Upper Deck
I have been currently cataloging my 2007 Upper Deck cards. I love this set. Like many other Upper Deck sets, I love the clean design (front and back) and the quality photos. Additionally, like all UD sets since 1989, I love the quality card stock they use.

It makes me *sad* that one can no longer purchase Upper Deck baseball cards newer than 2010. All because of the fact that production was too hard with competition for the Topps card company. Like it was when they ran out Bowman and later tried to block Fleer. The end was near for Upper Deck back in 2009 when Topps paid off the MLB and Topps became a monopoly again.

Major League Baseball announced this on Aug 6th, 2009. MLB stated that they had an exclusive licensing deal with Topps. The deal, which went into effect on Jan. 1 2010 and gave Topps exclusive rights to make baseball cards.

Looking over the many, many years of cards, Topps has made the worst and some of the best card sets. While other card companies, like Upper Deck, much more often set much higher quality standards. Quality for collectors did not matter, money won with the MLB.

"Generations of baseball fans have grown more connected to the game through collecting baseball cards," [MLB] Commissioner Bud Selig said. "We look forward to partnering with Topps to restore baseball cards as the game's premier collectable." [MLB.com | August 6th, 2009]

Upper Deck did not give up without a fight. They continued to make baseball cards and MLB sued and won. Concerning the win in 2010, Ethan Orlinsky with the MLB had this to say:

"Our settlement in the case against Upper Deck is a clear and decisive victory for Major League Baseball. Upper Deck will be unable to release baseball trading cards.... The real winners today are the millions of fans who collect baseball cards."

No, that is not true Eathan. The real winners are MLB/Topps with a monopoly on baseball cards. Competition made great quality cards.

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