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Post: CAS improvements
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Sat-30-Jan-2016 CAS improvements
I now have the code perform 8 different Cisco SQL/AXL-SOAP calls. The interface has evolved a bit more since my last post. As posted before, this is written in C for Windows although it could very easily be ported to Linux given how much easier it is to write GUI apps on the Linux platform. Because of the latest SQL, I believe this is now flagged for CUCM 10/10.5

b1 = Buffer1 = Directory number
b2 = Buffer2 = Name
b3 = Buffer3 = User ID
1. Show list of BLF Speed Dials on remote phones devices

"select blf.label,blf.blfindex,d.name,d.description
    from device d,blfspeeddial blf
    where blf.blfdestination='%s' and blf.fkdevice=d.pkid 
    order by d.description",b1);

2. Show list of Devices and owners of devices with DN

"select device.name, device.description, enduser.userid
    from device, enduser, enduserdevicemap
    where device.pkid=enduserdevicemap.fkdevice 
    and enduser.pkid=enduserdevicemap.fkenduser 
    and device.description like '%s - %%'",b1);

3. Show Alerting Name for directory number.

"select dnorpattern, description, alertingname
     from numplan
     where dnorpattern = '%s'",b1);

4. Updates owner of phone on device by DN in description.

"update device
     set fkenduser=
    (select pkid from enduser where userid = '%s')
     where description like '%s - %%'",b3,b1);

5. Updates remote BLF Speed dials on phones devices

"update blfspeeddial
     set label='%s',labelascii='%s'
     where blfdestination='%s'",b2,b2,b1);

6. Updates Alerting Names associated to a DN.

"update numplan
     set alertingname='%s',alertingnameascii='%s'
     where dnorpattern = '%s'",b2,b2,b1);

7. Change display names on all devices associated with DN.

"update devicenumplanmap
     set display='%s',displayascii='%s'
     where fknumplan = (select pkid from numplan 
     where dnorpattern = '%s')",b2,b2,b1);

8. Add to local IM cluster, calendar, CUPS, and IM server.

"update enduser
     set islocaluser='y',enablecalendarpresence = 't',
     enablecups = 't',primarynodeid = '2' 
     where userid='%s'",b3);

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