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Post: 1983 collecting again
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Tue-18-aug-2015 Posted by Mike 1983 collecting again
In my child hood, for some odd reason (that I can`t remember in my old age), I never purchased any Topps 1983 cards. In fact, I checked out of collecting in 1983 and 1984. When 1985 rolled around, I was collecting again. So now I am piecing the set together a dime, quarter, and dollar at a time when I see them. Yes, I`m an adult with a fascination of something I did not have as a 13/14 year old. But the funny thing is that I always loved the look of these cards.

1983 Topps Rookie Ryne Sandberg and Larry Bowa card.
Additionally, here is my Keith Moreland card. I also have Fergie Jenkins and Doug Bird cards for 1983 Topps. My 1983 Chicago Cubs list is here. Also my collection of Ryne Sandberg, Fergie Jenkins, Larry Bowa, and Keith Moreland cards.

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