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Post: The Ernie Banks collection
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Thu-13-aug-2015 Posted by Mike The Ernie Banks collection
Belonging in the short list of Hall of Famer Cubs, statistically, Ernie Banks is the 8th best overall offensive batter (for career Cub players) that the Cubs have ever had. Ernie had 2,583 MLB career hits and 512 MLB home runs. Season high hits was 193. Season high home runs was 47. In fact, he had five season that he had over 40 home runs. Ernie was also a 11 time All-Star. He had season batting averages of over 300 - three different seasons. Over 100 runs-batted-in - 8 different seasons. This is why I had to have his cards in my collection. Additionally, I admired him as a person, not just a great ball player.
1964 Topps Ernie Banks
This is my 1964 Topps Ernie Banks. This card is not in great condition, but one of my favorite.
1970 Ernie Banks Topps card
This is my 1970 Topps Ernie Banks. To see what I have of Ernie Banks, you can search my collection here. Here is to Mr Cubs.

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