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Post: Billy Williams collection
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Thu-23-jul-2015 Posted by Mike Billy Williams collection
I'm so excited about the fact that tonight I purchased two Billy Williams baseball cards. Billy is in the Hall of Fame for a career that had a total of 1410 hits, 2711 runs, 434 doubles, 88 triples, 426 home runs, and 1475 RBIs. He received the Rookie of the Year award in 1961. He made the All-Star team 6 times. He had more than 200 hits in three different seasons. He also had more than 100 RBI for three seasons. Impressively, Billy knocked in 42 home runs in 1972.

I purchased a 1968 Topps and a 1973 Topps Billy Williams Cubs card. This brings my collection to a total of four. I'm happy that these two cards are in much better condition than the Billy Williams cards that I currently have. Even happier that I paid less than $2 each. Presently my collection contains these two cards:
1969 Topps Billy Williams card
Billy Williams 1969 Topps Cubs Card
1970 Topps Chicago Cubs cards
and poor condition Billy Williams 1970 Topps Cubs Card
When the new cards arrive, I will proudly post better images of them. To see what I have of Billy Williams, you can search my collection here.

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