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Post: 1989 Topps Bowman
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Fri-05-May-2016 1989 Topps Bowman
It has always been of my opinion that 1989 was just as an important year as was 1980 in defining the modern baseball era.

I collected so many cards in 1989 and there were so many choices. First there was the new comer, Upper Deck. They had their completely different approach to design that appealed to collectors. Secondly, there was all the older 80`s Topps competitors - Fleer, Score, and (Leaf) Donruss - all with improved unique designs. And then there was Topps. Topps was trying to innovate and compete. As always, Topps had their standard set, but they also introduced several alternate sets. Two of these sets were ones that I absolutely loved. The 'Big' set and the 'Bowman' set. Both of these alternate sets consisted of over sized cards. This did not set well with some collectors, but the front design of both cards won me over. This post is mostly about Bowman. I loved the the simple design and outstanding photography of the Bowman set.

White border with red pen stripe around the photo of the player. The photo was often of the player posing, but some players featured action shots. Near the bottom was the players signature and on the upper corner a Bowman logo. Like I mentioned before, the cards are a little bigger than than the standard 2 1/2" by 3 3/4" cards used for years by Topps and other brands. There is not a huge difference and still fit in the most top loaders.

On the back of the cards is somthing a little different than most card setups. The color is on the back of the cards is what you would expect of 60-80s Topps cards, but the stats layout is not.

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