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Post: Blue Sky Topps 1967
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Fri-22-Apr-2016 Blue Sky Topps 1967
I do not care for some early 60`s Topps cards like 60, 61, and 63. But there are some really likeable 60s sets. One of my favorite of the 60s is the 1967 set. This is was my first 60s set to collect. For this reason, it is also my largest 60s set. I have affectionately call this set "blue skys". I noticed that the majority of the cards featured close-ups of the players framed by a blue cloudless sky behind them. This made the cards for me visually attractive. Additionally, the 609 card set design itself is very simple. The set features facsimile autographs, name and position on top, team on bottom. This simple design has appealed to me with other sets like this over the years. It does not appear I`m the only one to like the looks of this set, the attractiveness has made the Topps 1967 one of the hottest collectibles of the 1960s.

The set is not without issues though. First, scarcity of some of the cards makes collecting difficult. Flip side of the coin is this is a benefit is keeping the value up. The lower the number, the easier it was to find the card. The levels of scarcity can be broke down like this:
Cards 1-110 easiest to find.
Cards 111-370 is a little harder
Cards 371-457
Cards 458-533
Cards 534-609 extremely difficult
439 is the highest card I own.

Secondly, quality control was not very good this year. A lot of cards were released that were cut very poorly. So bad, that the next card is seen shifted over going way past of be called 'off center'. This also has made collecting difficult.

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