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Post: Fleer
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Mon-15-Feb-2016 Fleer
I have been dredging though my boxes of Fleer cards and still have not made much of a dent on cataloging them. I have so many 1989 and 1991 Fleer cards alone that they make a huge percentage of the total cards I own. Averall, the good news for me is that I`m closely approaching 5000 cataloged items. (or about 50% done with the total collection) This has been soooo much work for a hobby that only I care about. Seriously, not even other people that collect cards could care two beans less about my small collection of a few thousand (mostly `80s) cards. It still is my plan to start trading and selling so many of my duplicate cards. If you are a collector reading this and see that I have duplicates of a card you need and wish to trade, feel free to contact me.

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