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Post: Stuff on Sunday
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Sun-07-Feb-2016 Stuff on Sunday
First, Go Broncos!! Famiy is excited about this game.
Website Coding: If you had not noticed, I have mostly finalized the webpage/PHP reprogramming of my baseball card collecting portions of this site. I have reduced disk IO by many, many times, while adding functionality to many areas. Even though much more processing is now taking place, I`m hoping the reduction of disk IO will speed up load times.
On a side note, I`m also quite intrigued by the interest I have been receiving over the 2009 Upper Deck O-Pee-Chee series in my collection.

Cataloging collection: As I continue cataloging and move to the next box of cards, the card stats are about to sky-rocket for Fleer cards. In the late 80s and throughout the 90`s Fleer was my favorite baseball card company for a while with upper deck in second and Topps/Leaf tied for third. In my opinion, Topps and Leaf always had a hard time finding their way in card design from time to time. All that said, I don`t remember buying so many 1991 Fleer cards. Everytime I think I`m almost done with those, I find more. Acutally I don`t remember buying them at all. I was in the Airforce at that time.
Time to change gears. I`m going to try to mostly focus on my Topps 60`s and 70`s collection in 2016. 60s through the yearly 80s - These are the type of cards I`m most fond of.

Lastly, I have a new beer to put on favorite list (Honey Amber Ale).

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