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This document outlines the table data structure [GEDXchange DB ver 1.4] of the genealogy database of this site and the XML [GEDXchange XML ver 1.1 and 1.2] structure used for data exchange.

GEDXchange XML

The purpose of GEDXchange XML is to create a simple straight forward way of sharing information of genealogy data.

GEDXchange XML is an open and free format with no royalties needed for those that produce or read data through this format. The format standard is maintained and owned by Gibson Digital Enterprises.

There are two formats featuring the same elements/tags: 'Individual Report' and 'Tree Report' Example of the current XML structure with XML Individual Report tags format:

     <TYPE>Individual Report</TYPE>                                            
     <NAME>James P. Gibson</NAME>                                               
       <DATE>30 Aug 1915</DATE>                                                 
     <FATHER>Michael J. Gibson</FATHER>                                         
     <MOTHER>Sarah Louella [Gibson] Belt</MOTHER>
       <DATE>31 May 1989</DATE>                                                 
       <NAME>Lola Cemetery</NAME>                                               
     <NOTE>Died in Lola. Buried in Lola KY.</NOTE>                              
 Elements for 1.1                                                          

    * required Elements                                                         

    Element xml contains elements:                                               
      GEDXCHANGE *                                                              
      PERSON     *                                                              
    Element GEDEXCHANGE contains elements:                                     
      VERSION    *                                                              
      TYPE       *                                                              
    Element PERSON contains elements:                                     
      NAME       *                                                              
      EVENT           [and sub elements added 1.0]
        MILITARY      [added 1.1] [expanded 1.2]
        BAPTISM       [added 1.1] [expanded 1.2]
    Element BIRTH contains elements:                                            
    Element DEATH contains elements:                                            
    Element CEMETERY contains elements:                                         
    Element EVENT contains elements:                                            
    Element MILITARY contains elements:                                         

MILITARY Elements added for 1.2 NOTE: This reference information paper describes military service records terms for the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). The National Archives is the official repository for records of military personnel who have been discharged from the U.S.Air Force,Army, Marine Corps, Navy and Coast Guard. SEPERATION DATE example <DATE>05 Jun 2001</DATE> STATUS example <STATUS="HON" /> HON = Honorable DIS = Dishonorable LTH = Less Than Honorable KIA = Killed In Action KWS = Killed While Serving MIA = MissingInAction DOW = Died of Wounds relates to someone who survived to reach a medical treatment facility. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) also uses DWRIA, rather than DOW, for "died of wounds received in action". However, historically, militaries and historians have used the former acronym. PKIA = "presumed killed in action" This term is used when personnel are lost in battle, initially listed MIA, but after not being found, are later presumed to have not survived. KIFA = "killed in flight accident". This term is used when personnel are killed in an aerial mishap that did not result from hostile action.

Element BAPTISM contains elements: PLACE DATE

BAPTISM Elements Added for 1.2 SPONSOR WITNESS

Element MARRIAGE contains elements: PLACE DATE CITY COUNTY STATE GROOM BRIDE NOTE Element DEGREE contains elements: SCHOOL DATE DEPLOMATYPE MAJOR MINOR XML element values Value for <xml> <GEDXCHANGE> <VERSION>: Should contain version number like <VERSION>1.1</VERSION> Value choices for <xml> <GEDXCHANGE> <TYPE> : Individual Report Tree Report When 'Tree Report' is chosen, the Elements of PERSON FATHER MOTHER CHILD WIFE HUSBAND BAPTISM DEGREE MILITARY should include ID number. Examples: <PERSON ID="000478"> <FATHER ID="001765">Michael J. Gibson</FATHER> Value for <xml> <GEDXCHANGE> <PERSON> <BIRTH> <DATE> : Should be formatted [2 digit day] [2 letter month] [4 digit year] example: <DATE>02 Feb 2002</DATE>

Database Tables ============ People Table ------------ ID (Primary Key) 06 int example: 000231 Name 48 char example: Michael R. Johnson Sex 01 char example: M [M is Male and F is Female] BirthDate 11 char example: 03 Dec 2000 BirthState 02 char example: IL DeathDate 11 char example: 25 May 1905 DeathState 02 char example: KY FatherID 06 int example: 001433 MotherID 06 int example: 002321 BirthCity 24 char example: Bloomington Note 99 char example: Graduated from UoI and worked at Sears. public 01 int example: 1 [0 is public record and 1 is private] DeathCity 24 char example: Chicago Title 08 char example: Dr =========== Photo Table ----------- ID (People) 06 char example: 002122 Photo 64 char example: paige3party.jpg Text 32 char example: Paige's 3rd birthday party Note 32 char example: Taken 2004 ============== Marriage Table -------------- MarriageDate 11 char example: 16 Jun 1850 MarriageCity 14 char example: Decatur MarriageCounty 12 char example: Macon MarriageState 02 char example: IL GroomID (People) 06 char example: 000194 BrideID (People) 06 char example: 002122 Place 24 char example: Miller Park Note 99 char example: Raining wedding day ============ Marker Table ------------ ID (People) 06 char example: 002122 PhotoFile 36 char example: BeatriceMcIlwaine_tombstone.jpg Place 48 char example: Watson Cemetery near Salem/Lola KY =========== Grave Table ----------- ID (People) 06 char example: 002122 CemeteryName 14 char example: Rose hill 3rd City 14 char example: Marion State 02 char example: IL Plot 02 char example: B3 Area 06 char example: 209 Sub1 03 char example: N12 Sub2 02 char example: 2 Sub3 04 char example: 0001 ================== EnhanceValue Table ------------------ ID (People) 06 char example: 002122 Alias 12 char example: Gibby Religion 22 char example: Christian/Baptist BaptismPlace 42 char example: First Baptist Church of Bloomington BaptismDate 11 char example: 12 Mar 1987 MilitaryBranch 12 char example: US Air Force EnlistDate 11 char example: 19 Jun 1990 DegreeSchool 42 char example: Illinois State University DegreeDate 11 char example: 20 May 1985 DeplomaType 24 char example: Bachelor of Science Major 24 char example: Computer Science Minor 24 char example: Buisness ============ Source Table ------------ ID (People) 06 char example: 002122 SourceFile 48 char example: s000555.dat ================ SourceFile Table ---------------- PrimaryID(People) 06 char example: 002122 DocumentType 05 char example: BI00z Text Unlimited Document Type values TT = Text Tree MR = Marriage Record OB = Orbit. Record BI = Biography Record BR = Birth Record MI = Misc. Information 00z = public searchable 01z = Not searchable

(c) 2014, 2015, 2018 Gibson Digital Enterprises GEDXchange XML may be used to publish geneology data royalty free. GEDXchange XML 0.5 published in 2002 GEDXchange XML 0.5.5 published in 2004 GEDXchange XML 1.0 published in 2014 GEDXchange XML 1.1 published in 2015 GEDXchange XML 1.2 published in 2018 [July 22 2018] GEDXchange DB ver 1.4 first published in 2015 with GEDXchange 1.1 Document last updated: 07/26/2018