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By mike on 13-01-2009 - Score: 2 (Informative) from from discussion #z10
Photo links FINALLY fixed :P

By mike on 02-04-2008 - Score: 2 (Informative) from from discussion #242
For $15 an entire season, you can listen to all MLB games (including the Cubs) on your computer.

By mike on 01-04-2008 - Score: 2 (Informative) from from discussion #244
The second half was also uploaded:

By Jazz and Laci on 14-02-2008 - Score: 2 (Informative) from from discussion #228
Happy Valentine's Day to you.

By Amy on 25-01-2008 - Score: 2 (Informative) from from discussion #215
I have to disagree with some of Mike's ratings. Mine are below:

PureNRG Rated C
Group 1 Crew Rated A
Mandisa Rated A
New Song Rated B-
Skillet Rated A-
BarlowGirl Rated B
Connersvine Rated B+
Mercy Me Rated A++

PureNRG was good at dancing and performning on stage but they lipsynced.

Group 1 Crew was really impressive. I had never heard of them before. They really delivered a nice performance. Vocals were awesome and even though I didn't know their music, I understood their lyrics.

Mandisa was good. She was very entertaining. I had watched her on American Idol and I have also seen her in concert before. Her voice was awesome as usual. The only downside was that she only performed 3 songs. She is well worth seeing in concert.

NewSong was disappointing to me. I had heard their music on the radio. The delivery of their songs weren't that good. The end of their set was weird.

Skillet was much better than what I expected. I had listened to some of their songs on the internet. The lights and special effects for their show was really good. They were high energy and loud. What was disappointing was that I couldn't understand most of their lyrics to their songs. I think Skillet at that point in the night was the loudest group that had performed. Aaron fell asleep during their performance. LOL

Barlow Girl was just ok to me.

Connersvine only played one song. =( I would have loved to have heard more from them. The set was being changed behind them while they played.

MercyMe was by far the best group of the night. They delivered the longest and best performance. Vocally their songs were wonderful. Their stage set up was also great. They had digital screens that showed video and digital pictures. I have met MercyMe, been to their concert at the University of Illinois, and I know most of their music. The concert they put on is amazing. The $10.00 that I paid to see them in concert last night was well worth the price.

Mike of course had a difference of opinion in the type of music he liked last night. When Aaron was awake, I think he liked MercyMe the best. lol

By Jeff on 23-01-2008 - Score: 2 (Informative) from from discussion #212

By jenny on 06-12-2006 - Score: 2 (Informative) from from discussion #101
there (sadly) is another site ( where you can schedule "Image" calls - complete with fake voices and Caller ID information - to make yourself look more popular. If that wasn't enough, they also offer "rescue" calls to help you escape bad and boring situations.
Is this a trend?

By Mike on 29-11-2006 - Score: 2 (Informative) from from discussion #099
Official ISU release:
Boxes will be available on ISU campus for donations from Tuesday, November 28 until Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Until December 12, 2006, the WJBC Brotherhood Tree
collection boxes will be located in various buildings around campus. While out doing your holiday shopping, please consider grabbing an extra gift for those less fortunate. Gifts should be wrapped, tagged with the appropriate age and gender, and marked with what is inside. Your
generosity is greatly appreciated!

This year, the boxes will be located in the following buildings:

Hovey 1st floor East entrance
ISU Police Department
Milner Library break room 1st floor
DeGarmo 5th floor West office
Student Services Building 3rd floor 387
Harris Physical Plant
ITDC Building--Center for Teaching, Learning, Technology
Metcalf School main office

By Amy (you know...the old one) on 20-11-2006 - Score: 2 (Informative) from from discussion #096
A big THANK YOU goes out to Mom, Dad, Anne, Chris, Paul, Hope, Mike, Aaron, Paige, and Mark for the wonderful Birthday party and great company. Oh...I can't forget Laci, Jazz, Tiffany, and Strider!!! =) Hugging all of you.

By Mike on 02-10-2006 - Score: 2 (Informative) from from discussion #062
Aramis Ramirez ended the 2006 season with:

173 hits
38 doubles
38 home runs (career high)
119 runs batted in (career high)

darn good.

Also on another note, Juan Pierre lead the National Leage with 204 hits and second in stolen bases with 58.

By Amy on 20-09-2006 - Score: 2 (Informative) from from discussion #072
I found one more article. This one is of a Bo Bice concert review from the Bloomington, IL show.

Check it out. :)

By Bethie on 17-09-2006 - Score: 2 (Informative) from from discussion #072
Bo Bice does have a number of more "mature" fans (ages 40 and upward) but he also has younger fans too (20-39). They older ones can be very intense and follow him around the country and are online.

He attracts older fans because of he likes 1970's era music.

By Sharon on 10-04-2006 - Score: 2 (Informative) from from discussion #022
There was a 2 hour show on cable regarding this yesterday. (I didn't see it, I don't have cable...I read an article in the Sunday paper about it). Evidently the whole May issue of "National Geographic" is about this topic too.