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By sorock on 17-09-2006 - Score: 2 (Interesting) from from discussion #072
I have to address the "older female fans" comment about Bo. I am 50+ and I very much enjoy Bo's music. I have loved rock music all my looong life. My son is 19 and I introduced him to Zepplin, the Who, Doors, Joplin, Hendrix, Beatles, Stones, Ozzy, Tommy Lee, Skynard, Allman Brothers and the list goes on. When was the last time we heard any new music from these greats? I can't listen to 70's and 80's music only. We older women rockers have a right to love and enjoy every new talent that comes along in our lifetime. I have a great job - I'm a teacher, and I am able to spend lots of money on music. I share that music with my students and they think that's cool. I went to Bo's acoustic concert in Atlanta in June. He was awesome. Also performing at the same concert was KT Tunstall and James Blunt. There were many, many young girls sitting around me who were rocking to Bo's music and wearing Bo t-shirts. So stop picking on his older fans for being older. The bottom line in the music business is loyalty (by the fans whatever age) and the money they spend.