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Today: 2017 / 05 / 28

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July 18, 2004

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Posted By Mike on Wed-27-dec-2006 || Title: A great Christmas || (0) comments
Christmas is now over. Whew! It was a great Christmas celebration this year. What made it great was being with the people I love. So a big THANK YOU to everyone that made my new home even more of a home with great memories. Oh yeah, thanks for the gifts, food, and eveything else too :)

I have a ton of December photos (through out December) that will be posted soon on my online photo album.
Posted By Mike on Wed-20-dec-2006 || Title: 5 more days || (0) comments

Five more days till Christmas and Christmas break starts for Aaron and I on the 22nd of December. I thought I had an early start when we got our Chistmas tree up the day after Thanksgiving. I was wrong. But now most of my shopping is done. Christmas cards are out - although some a little on the late side going out. We are going to Maryln and Norm's on the 23rd for an early gift exchange.

Now 2007 is around the corner. Hoping for the best.
Posted By Mike on Tue-19-dec-2006 || Title: Jennifer Daniels || (2 ) comments
I was in the Bone Student Center Last week (Finals week) grabbing a fast Burger King lunch to bring back to my office. While waiting to order and for my food, I listened to a woman sing in the general eating area. She had a decent voice and the acoustical accompaniment sounded nice also. As I walked out, I saw a table where a guy was selling her CDs. Her name was Jennifer Daniels. I had never heard of her. Actually I don't think most people have. She had 3 different CDs for sale. The guy stated that they normally sold them for $15 but was selling them for $10. I thought about it and decided that it was worth the chance for good driving music, so I purchased two of them.

I listened to the first CD named 'Summer Filled Sky'. It has a few really good songs on it like the intro song 'To Live' and farther in, 'The Coat'. The CD overall sounded 'OK', some songs not bad but not great. As I write this, I feel I should give the CD another go around or so.

So next after listening to 'Summer Filled Sky', I stuck in the older CD named 'Dive and Fly' into my car CD player. A few of the songs struck me immediately as very good songs with a professional sound and composing. After listening to the CD several times, I really like it. Well all but one song that I simply just 'don't get'. But I have to say I recommend this CD. Sunday night I got on line after my long trip to Southern Illinois and found out that the CD 'Dive and Fly' did win some independent artist awards after it was released in 2001. I also found out that the CDs actually sell for $16.50 not $15 ;)
Posted By Mike on Fri-15-dec-2006 || Title: In memory || (2 ) comments
May Ivalene Gibson (Whiteside) Aug 13, 1917- Dec 14, 2006
Posted By Mike on Mon-11-dec-2006 || Title: GPL'ed TV || (3 ) comments
I purchased a Sony television this weekend. As I was cleaning up the packaging that the TV came in, a white generic paper fell out on to the floor. So I picked up the paper and to my surprise I see several GPLs (General Public Licenses) and several LGPLs (Lesser GPL). After reading further, apparently my TV runs on the Linux Operating System. Just thought that was really cool ;)
Posted By Mike on Sat-09-dec-2006 || Title: Happy B-day! || (0) comments
Happy Birthday Dad and Aunt Liz! You two young'ins :)
Posted By Mike on Wed-06-dec-2006 || Title: Bad Christmas Toys || (3 ) comments
Looking for some toys for the kids as Christmas presents? Something fun, safe, and educational? I have created a list (Images are links from "Letters from bad santa") of the top 10 really, really bad toys to give as gifts. These toys / gifts are not fun, safe, or educational (or at least not in the way that a 'principled' adult should like):
Toy 1 Toy Tool Kit
Toy 2 My little pony
Toy 3 Candy Land
Toy 4 Easy Bake Oven
Toy 5 Lawn Darts
Toy 6 Toy Cars
Toy 7 Stuffed Animals
Toy 8 Dolls
Toy 9 Clue
Toy 10 Lab kit
Posted By Mike on Sat-02-dec-2006 || Title: Bald on Bush || (0) comments
Here is a little known fact; our President, George W Bush, has a 'thing' for bald men. I don't know why. But I believe the evidence that I present here would support this statement.
Exhibit A
Exhibit B
Exhibit C
Exhibit D
Exhibit E
Exhibit F
I have even more photos than these. If you want to see more photos of Bush playing with bald heads let me know. If you have some send them my way. Maybe it is because I'm bald I find this so humorous.
Posted By Mike on Fri-01-dec-2006 || Title: on order || (1 ) comments
Now that the old house is sold, I have invested a good chunk of change on my home networking. First I have a brand new Mac. This is on order through Tech Zone. With the very little I saved by ordering through them, I wish I had bought it through Connecting Point so this post could have been typed in OSX instead. Second I have ordered satellite broadband through HughesNet satellite services. This is incredibly expensive compared to DSL or Cable modem. But with rebates, my installation is a little over $200 dollars compared to the $600 they want after Dec 31. DSL and Cable is normally around $30 a month for the service; Satellite is $60 a month. But living outside of Heyworth, I have no choice. As I type this post at 4am, I realize I should have ordered this stuff sooner. Why am I up at 4am? I have a few hundred trees around me. The trees have about an inch of ice on them. It sounds like shotguns/thunder going off outside.
Posted By Mike on Thu-30-nov-2006 || Title: Need a friend? || (1 ) comments
I had to post this one. You have heard the saying, "Money can not buy friends". Wrong! Yes you can and for a limited time fairly cheep. It looks like some users of popular social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook are so lonely and sorta pathetic as to actually pay real money for friends. Here is the kicker, these friends are not even real! You can apparently choose from a selection of 'models' to leave you customized comments to look like you have friends and are popular on-line. If you need a friend, go visit You can get a friend for only 99 cents a month.
Posted By Mike on Tue-28-nov-2006 || Title: My thought of the day || (3 ) comments
Every tool that benefits man can be used to abuse man. Once the tool is abused, the tool does not become evil or no longer useful. Only man can make the tool a valuable resource or generally harmful by the way it is used.
Posted By Mike on Mon-27-nov-2006 || Title: Brotherhood Tree || (1 ) comments
I would like to post about a really great charity called Brotherhood Tree
I have seen how this project helps people going through hard times. Every year they need people to donate time, money, and wrapped gifts.

Gifts can be dropped off at the following locations:

WJBC Studios
Eastland Mall
Commerce Bank
Chenoa Pharmacy
Denny's Doughnuts & Bakery
Great Harvest Bread Company
The Children's Discovery Museum
Doubletree Hotel & Conference Center

Gifts for the Brotherhood Tree should be wrapped and tagged with the age and gender of the intended recipient...and what's inside. The deadline for gift donations is Wednesday, December 13th.

Money Donations (cash/check/credit cards all accepted) go toward buying food and gifts for needy local families.
Posted By Mike on Sun-26-nov-2006 || Title: No explanation || (3 ) comments
Confusion with Mork's exclamation,
Hope with Raggedy.
Happiness with trust
and not malice from phrase tragedy.
Friendship is tested by events and actions,
not always shown by longevity.
Words mean nothing without sincerity.
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