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Posted By Mike on Tue-25-oct-2005 || Title: THE CAR THAT MAKES ITS OWN FUEL || (0) comments
A unique system that can produce Hydrogen inside a car using common metals such as Magnesium and Aluminum was developed by an Israeli company. The system solves all of the obstacles associated with the manufacturing, transporting and storing of hydrogen to be used in cars. When it becomes commercial in a few years time, the system will be incorporated into cars that will cost about the same as existing conventional cars to run, and will be completely emission free.
Posted By Mike on Mon-17-oct-2005 || Title: Yep... || (0) comments

The ReactOS site has a new newsletter this time simply titled "Reactos Weekly Newsletter". In the news letter is has been announced there will be a ReactOS version 0.28 released. I'm hoping that this will be the next gaming OS for my son.
Posted By Mike on Mon-17-oct-2005 || Title: Crossing fingers || (0) comments

OK, I have the latest recent release of Ubuntu 5.10 flavor of Linux installed. Over all I would say that it is favorable. I have only one complaint; It does not fair well when upgrading Ubuntu or converting Fedora 4. My advice is to back up everything and start from scratch :(
Posted By Mike on Fri-07-oct-2005 || Title: Cool Beans - Cool Screens || (0) comments

The official ReactOS web site now has a very cool screen shot page showing the Operating system running some excellent games and showing off it's OpenGL capabilities.
Posted By Mike on Thu-06-oct-2005 || Title: You see, if you look... || (0) comments
A new measure, sponsored by senator and former POW John McCain, R-Arizona, would require U.S. troops to meet interrogation standards set in the Army Field Manual and bar "cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment" of prisoners. The Senate has voted to set new standards for the treatment of prisoners in U.S. military custody. I believe once again the John McCain is looking out for the image of the US and trying to alleviate further harsh feelings toward the US. Unfortunately this will most likely be countered with a veto from President Bush, The White House has already said it would veto such legislation. I believe Bush is well... being Bush.
Posted By Mike on Wed-05-oct-2005 || Title: Hmmmm, how would that work? || (0) comments
Miers, supreme court hopeful, stated that she believes gay couples should have the same rights as strait married couples, yet stated that sodomy should not be made legal.
Posted By Mike on Sat-01-oct-2005 || Title: Beans dept || (0) comments
The Open Voting Consortium has announced that California Secretary of State Bruce McPherson is forming a panel to investigate using open source software in elections. Suggested Panel members include Security expert Bruce Perens and Python guru David Mertz who is associated with the sourceforge EVM2003 voting machine project.
Posted By Mike on Sat-01-oct-2005 || Title: Wow || (0) comments
First, I believe abortion is wrong in most cases. This belief is supposed to be a core value of the republicans party. This commentary by Fox News has to be the weakest, dumbest spin to save face by republican propaganda
Posted By Mike on Fri-30-sep-2005 || Title: what a dumb... || (0) comments
I can not believe any US politian today would say such a thing
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