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June 22, 1970 -
July 18, 2004

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Posted By on Mon-11-jun-2001 || Title: Star Wars Droid || (0) comments
This is kind of unrelated but I just purchased a droid for my game room

Tag: MAME Arcade
Posted By on Fri-08-jun-2001 || Title: More log work || (0) comments
Logs are being redone. Much closer the to the Original style.
Posted By on Sat-12-may-2001 || Title: New stuff || (0) comments
Made a new interface.
More photos in Photo
Log 7. New matrix chart.

Tag: MAME Arcade
Posted By on Mon-07-may-2001 || Title: uhg... nope || (0) comments
The cocktail that I was going to pick up today... well, it is not going to happen. I`m disapointed, but not surprised. My luck in finding cheap or free cabinets has never been a good as most.

For the time being, I`m going to finnish my stand-up.

To do:
New interface. The one I have now keeps getting opens and shorts in it making it unplayable. I`m just going to buy a new keyboard to make the interface.

Finnish the trim.

Get larger monitor

Tag: MAME Arcade
Posted By on Wed-04-apr-2001 || Title: New look || (0) comments
Web site gets a face lift and more pictures.
Posted By on Thu-29-mar-2001 || Title: Coming soon || (0) comments
I will have some screen shots and my many improvements on my arcade cabinet posted soon.

Tag: MAME Arcade
Posted By on Mon-26-mar-2001 || Title: sorry || (0) comments
This site experienced 3 1/2-day outage due to service related problems.
Posted By on Sat-27-jan-2001 || Title: Yep, still building the cab || (0) comments

Tag: MAME Arcade
Posted By on Fri-26-jan-2001 || Title: still building the cab || (0) comments
I have now painted and put on the screen panel.
You can nver have too many clamps :)

Tag: MAME Arcade
Posted By on 23-jan-2001 || Title: still building the cab || (0) comments
I have now painted and put on the front panel.

Tag: MAME Arcade
Posted By on 21-jan-2001 || Title: still building the cab || (0) comments
Now that everything has been cut down to 28 inches wide. I have now started building the inside frame.

Tag: MAME Arcade
Posted By on 20-jan-2001 || Title: back to the wood shop || (3 ) comments
Went back to Dad`s wood shop to make the display panel.

First I took off the frame around the screen.
Then we made very careful measurements before doing any cutting.
Below Dad is making the grid for the speaker holes
We used a presision drill press to drill the holes

Next we cut out the screen area.
Then using rales areen area.
Then using rales and a router, we made a lip for the screen to sit in.
Dad`s showing his talent as he free-hands around the final time with the router.

Tag: MAME Arcade
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