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What is the focus of this site?
To provide and share genealogy information, in a free platform environment, provided in open formats.

Why do I want/need a free account on
An account is needed to:
- Create your own tree on website.
- Download data in XML or GEDCOM data formats from website.
- See locked data on website.
- Submit information to MDB (master database).

Please see the site account policy.

What is GEDCOM? (icon: )
GEDCOM (an acronym standing for Genealogical Data Communication) is a free, open and very widely used file specification for exchanging genealogical data between different genealogy software and websites. GEDCOM was developed by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) as an aid to genealogical research.

Supported GEDCOM tags and levels can be found (supported up to 5.5) here.

A GEDCOM file is plain text containing genealogical record information about individuals, and meta data linking these records together.

What is GEDXchange XML? (icon: )
The purpose of GEDXchange XML is to create a simple straight forward way of sharing of genealogy information/data.

GEDXchange XML is an open and free format with no royalties needed for those that produce or read data through this format. The format standard is maintained and owned by Gibson Digital Enterprises.

Documentation GEDXchange XML can be found here.

Do we support other well known formats?
We support most common GEDCOM tags up to 5.5 (see above)

Earlier versions of GEDXchange saved data to GedML, but this is no longer supported.
Currently we are not supporting:
- GEDCOM 5.5.1, 5.6, or 6.0 xml
- GedML

Does GEDXchange application run on Linux? What operating system does GEDXchange run on?

Yes, GEDXchange is developed and tested with Linux in mind. It is also heavily tested with OSX. GEDXchange has even been ported to MS Windows by several means. I'm sure it could be compiled on other operating systems.

Does GEDXchange application Require Gnome or KDE libraries?


How do I compile the source?

Make sure you have a C compiler, X11 Lib, and Xpm Lib loaded.
In the source directory extracted from the tar file, run the complie file.
- With Linux and OSX, in the source directory run './compile'
- With windows run 'compile.bat'

How do I start GEDXchange application?

With GEDCOM Tools, run gedstart. If at the command line, ./gedstart