Games & ROMs - all LEGALLY acquired by various means: included from purchased vendor console, home brew, ripped from purchased and owned media.
I will not distribute ROMs, but gladly show how to aquire them from media or legal resourses.
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Game                                             ,version  ,console                   , Note                 
Contra 3: The Alien Wars                         ,snes     ,SNES Classic              ,                          
Donkey Kong Country                              ,snes     ,SNES Classic              ,                          
EarthBound                                       ,snes     ,SNES Classic              ,                          
Final Fantasy 3                                  ,snes     ,SNES Classic              ,                          
F-Zero                                           ,snes     ,SNES Classic              ,                          
Kirby Super Star                                 ,snes     ,SNES Classic              ,                          
Kirby`s Dream Course                             ,snes     ,SNES Classic              ,                          
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past          ,snes     ,SNES Classic              , top pick                 
Mega Man X                                       ,snes     ,SNES Classic              ,                          
Secret of Mana                                   ,snes     ,SNES Classic              , top pick                 
Star Fox                                         ,snes     ,SNES Classic              ,                          
Star Fox 2                                       ,snes     ,SNES Classic              ,                          
Street Fighter 2 Turbo: Hyper Fighting           ,snes     ,SNES Classic              ,                          
Super Castlevania 4                              ,snes     ,SNES Classic              ,                          
Super Ghouls `n Ghosts                           ,snes     ,SNES Classic              ,                          
Super Mario Kart                                 ,snes     ,SNES Classic              ,                          
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars       ,snes     ,SNES Classic              ,                          
Super Mario World                                ,snes     ,SNES Classic              ,                          
Super Metroid                                    ,snes     ,SNES Classic              ,                          
Super Punch-Out!                                 ,snes     ,SNES Classic              ,                          
Yoshi`s Island                                   ,snes     ,SNES Classic              ,                          
Doom                                             ,snes     ,SNES Classic              , Added game