%bs EzMF Tools %be

EzMF Frequently Asked Questions

What is EzMF?
  EzMF is a powerful Markup Format used for creation and publishing of papers, 
  documentation, books, and other word processing needs.  It allows easy markup 
  that can be done through a word processor or simply via a text editor like 
  notepad or vim.

What are EzMF document defaults?
  12pt Times New Roman
  Black text
  Single spaced lines
  Left Justified
Can EzMF files be exported to PDFs?
   Yes, the EzMF2f application can do this.  In fact, EzMF was designed with
   consideration of how Postscript and PDF display.

How do I bold text with EzMF?
  with the %bs tag
  %bsThis is bold%be and this is not!
How does drawing in EzMF differ from PDF or PS?
  Example EzMF simple vertical red line
  $sl 1 175 720 175 550

  Example PDF simple vertical red line
  1 0 0 rg 175 720 m 175 550 l f

  Example PS simple vertical red line
  1 0 0 setrgbcolor newpath 175 720 moveto 175 550 lineto closepath stroke

What platforms are supported with EzMF Tools?
  Currently only Microsoft Windows and Linux are supported.  Possibly in the 
  future, other platforms will become supported.