EzMF Soure viewer Change Log

    Added purple text tag append to menu
    Changes to make work with newer versions of ezmf2f.exe
    Some cosmetic changes
    will be distributed with the EzMF Tools bundle because of dependencies

    Starting the process of adding AbiWord ABW format
    7 symbols now programmed
    5 formats including color
    text is formated matching tags, i.e. %su shows underlined text

    Added more options to edit menu
    created symbols menu
    added test insertion options

    Added full export capabilities
    Added document veiwing
    Added viewing config

0.2.1 ezmfs
    Reworked the menu system.

0.2.0 ezmfs
    additional labeling done.
    resturcture of paramaters done.
    Load and save files correctly by menu and command line
    Icon corrected

    Initial release

    Concept version