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YearBrandSeriesCard NumberNameTeamLocationNotePhoto
1989 Fleer Standard 608 Jose Bautista Bal Orioles Box 004 rookie card No photo link
1990 Upper Deck Standard 008 Jose Bautista Bal Orioles No photo link
1994 Topps Standard 092 Jose Bautista Chi Cubs Box 010 Gold Card photo link
1995 Leaf Standard Donruss 243 Jose Bautista Chi Cubs No photo link
2014 Topps Standard US173 Jose Bautista Tor Blue Jays Box 010 All-Star card photo link
2015 Topps Standard AL-011 Jose Bautista Tor Blue Jays Box 14L No photo link
2017 Topps Standard 060 Jose Bautista Tor Blue Jays Box x No photo link
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