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This page is dedicated to my hobby of baseball card collecting. I currently have more than 12,000 of them in my library of cards. First and foremost, I enjoy collecting teams like the Cubs (1005 items), the White Sox (518 items), the Cardinals (527 items), and the Red Sox (382 items).I also collect players outside of those four teams that were multi All-Stars and/or HOFs. The numbers above are only the numbers that I have cataloged so far. This database is my attempt to catalog all the cards in my card library with storage locations.

Total number of items in database = 8228 cataloged so far.
I also purchase, trade, and occasionally sell baseball cards.

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Download Database Part I as CVS here with 2545 items
Download Database Part II as CVS here with 1550 items
Download Database Part III as CVS here with 2045 items
Download Database Part IV as CVS here with 2045 items
Download Database Part V as CVS here with 43 items
Brands Years or productionCount in databaseSub Brands
Topps 1951 - Present4566 records Bazooka
Bowman (1989-)
Stadium Club (1991-)
O-Pee-Chee (1996-2004) others
Fleer 1923 - 2005 1839 records
Leaf 1948 - 1949
1983 - Present
1003 records Donruss (1983-1995)
Upper Deck 1989 - 2009 494 records O-Pee-Chee (2008-2009)
Pinnacle 1988 - 1998 171 records Donruss (1996-1998)
Score (1988- )
Swell 1989 - 1991 3 records
Pacific 1994 - 2001 8 records
O-Pee-Chee 1934 - 1995 26 records
Sportflics 1986 - 1990 12 records
Panini 1988 - Present9 recordsDonruss (2009-)
Donruss 1981 - 1982
2001 - 2009
Bowman 1948 - 1955 -

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