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This page is dedicated to my hobby of baseball card collecting. I currently have more than 20,000 of them in my library of cards. First and foremost, I enjoy collecting teams like the Cubs (1250 items), the White Sox (641 items), the Cardinals (638 items), and the Red Sox (502 items). Secondly, I like to collect by manufacture. Topps, Fleer, Leaf, and Upper Deck cards. Topps 65, 67, 83, and 84 are my favorite Topps. Fleer 81, 89, and 90 are my favorite Fleer years. Lastly, I also collect players outside of those four teams that were multi All-Stars and/or HOFs. The numbers above are only the numbers that I have cataloged so far. This database is my attempt to catalog all the cards in my card library with storage locations.

Total number of items in database = 12526 cataloged so far.
I also purchase, trade, and occasionally sell baseball cards. If you see cards in my collection that don't fall into the above categories (or extras), I'm probably more than willing to reasonably trade or sell. I'm not in this hobby to profit.

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