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Welcome to my Cubs baseball card and memorabilia room. This page`s goal is to become a detailed catalog of items in the room. I have roughly 12 thousand baseball cards in my collection. Out of the ~12,000 cards, a little over 1000 of them are Cubs baseball cards. Of that subset, 642 cards are displayed in my Cubs baseball card 'man cave'.
-  12 basecall cards on N wall
-  73 baseball cards on E wall
- 403 baseball cards on S wall
-  44 baseball cards on W wall
- 110 baseball cards on N duct 
If a player is Highlighted with gold, they are in the Hall of Fame. If a player is Highlighted with orange, they are an All-Star. If a player is Highlighted with purple, they are accomplished with title(s) and/or World Series.
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Break down of Cubs room:
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