(June 07, 2001)

Arcade #2
Received my controls (joystick and buttons) from Bob Roberts today for arcade cabinet #2 From my learned experience of two prior control panels, I hope to make a much better one this time. As you can see from my site, the wiring in 1st built cabinet(arcade cabinet #1) is a horror. To create a better control panel, I have carefully examined some of the better built cabinets and CPs (control panels). To make a nicer looking cabinet, I designed it to be very uncluttered and minimal. I also purchased black marble contact paper instead of a solid color this time. I also wanted a more maintainable cabinet this time and something less likely to break and easier to fix. So this time the KB interface will be built onto the CP, along with the punchdowns. In other words, self contained. One of the best examples of a self contained CP with a KB interface, punchdown, and wiring is Angelo's CP

(June 8, 2001)

Logs are being redone. Much closer the to the Original style.

Arcade #2
Started the frame for the monitor useing predrilled, screw started 2x2s. Before physically attaching, I clamp (with padding) and level the 2x2. attached the microswitches to the control board. I don't believe there will possibly be enough room on this board to be self contained.

(June 11, 2001)
This is kind of unrelated but I just purchased a droid for my game room

(June 14, 2001)
Arcade #4
Recieved new striped StarGate cabinet; has power supply and wiring. But it has lots of scratches, no coin door, no monitor, no marque. The control panel is in good condition with the exception of the many cigarette burns.

(June 19, 2001)

Arcade #4
Purchased 2 William coin doors
I now have the cabinet running with 15" CTX monitor and coin door installed.

(June 21, 2001)
Arcade #4
Tested the joystick and the buttons with a multimeter. While I had the control panel open, I mapped the wireing to the control panel and started my keyboard hack interface by drilling the holes.

(June 27, 2001)
Arcade #4
Recieved a marquee in the mail. It has a major scratch down the middle of the marquee. Burned MAME, Defender and Stargate, and all setting to a CD to be played off the CD.