• (May 29, 2001)
    -->Arcade Cabinet #2
    Put marquee on and started the control panel

  • (May 25, 2001)
    -->Arcade Cabinet #2
    Went to Kinkos to print adhesive decals I made and applied them.
    Still waiting on quite a few things in the mail.

  • (May 23, 2001)
    -->Arcade Cabinet #2
    Cut and fitted plexiglass, poster board, and cardboard to make a bezel for cabinet #2.

  • (May 20, 2001)
    Picked up new cab for Arcade #2.

  • (May 19, 2001)
    -->Arcade Cabinet #1
    Made 6 decals and went to Kinkos to print adhesive decals.
    More photos in Photo Log 7.

  • (May 12, 2001)
    -->Arcade Cabinet #1
    Made a new interface. More photos in Photo Log 7. New matrix chart.

  • (May 7, 2001)
    The cocktail that I was going to pick up today... well, it is not going to happen. I'm disapointed, but not surprised.
    My luck in finding cheap or free cabinets has never been good.
    For the time being, I'm going to finnish my stand-up.

    To do:
    -->Arcade Cabinet #1
    - New interface. The one I have now keeps getting opens and shorts in it making it unplayable. I'm just goingmaking it unplayable. I'm just going to buy a new keyboard to
    make the interface

    - Finnish the trim.

    - Get larger monitor

  • (May 5, 2001)
    -->Arcade Cabinet #1
    Added Kong to the cabinet. Added more pics to log file #5

  • (May 4, 2001)
    -->Arcade Cabinet #1
    Have my Ms. Pac-em running! My controller board is having problems though.

    I seriously need to update the pictures of my cabinet. I will have pictures soon; I promise!

    Thanks to mongoose for hooking me up, I will be Starting a new cabinet next week!

  • (April 21, 2001)
    No more Windows! =)
    I have rid all four of my pentiums from windows I now have one box with Solaris 8 (i'm typing with right now) and 2 Linux (software development boxes) and the arcade cabinet has are development boxes) and the arcade cabinet has been downgraded to DOS

  • (April 4, 2001)
    Web site gets a face lift and more pictures.