March 22nd, 2022
I have started designing my next multi-cade cabinet. CPU, power supply, monitor,
and game controls are all in my possession. I do need a cabinet, wiring, and a
new I-PAC. I'm also going to write a new game menu launcher. I did figure out
how launch the games. But I'm not going to be able to use my previous applicaton,
GAMeS 1.4.1. It is time to write a modern version of GAMeS, GAMeS 2.0. with a
complete rewrite. I still have not figured out how I'm going to display the Marques.

March 15th, 2022
Made a new game room for all the game consoles. I have the Ms. Pacman cabinet
setup on the West wall. I'm think about a way of displaying my favorite arcade
marques on the wall.

March 13th, 2022
Purchased and built on same day. This 40th Anniversary Ms. Pacman cabinet has 10
including some favorites I had never had before like Dig Dug, Galaxian, and Galaga.