- - 02-Feb-2004

I have release a new MAME and game application menu called GAMeS.

What is GAMeS?
GAMeS (GAMeS Arcade Menu System) is a simple menu shell (like PowerMenu) with an arcade theme. The purpose is persumably to select arcade games to be executed from MAME or another game engine, although it could be used to launch any executable or batch. The simple interface can be manipulated from a MAME cabinet with Joysticks and buttons or from a normal PC using a keyboard. Unlike, other menu systems (graphical or not), GAMeS has an optional 'Preview' Window.

Why GAMeS?
Arn't there other arcade selecting systems out there now? Yes there are, but GAMeS is much faster, smaller, and easier to use than ArcadeOS and MAMEWAH.

How much does GAMeS cost?
GAMeS is free for non profit use. If you would like to bundle GAMeS with a for profit ROM package(s), please contact me at:

What operating systems does GAMeS run on?
I know that GAMeS runs well on FreeDOS, Windows 2000 and XP. It probably runs well on other Microsoft based operating systems.

- - 15-apr-2004 1.3.1
Graphical Arcade Menu System is released

- - 01-jun-2004
I have GAMeS 1.4 Graphical Arcade menu System done and released

- - Tue-13-jul-2004
The Geek Corner, http://tresgeek.org is open again. I'm now keeping the CVS for GAMeS at the new site.

- - Wed-14-jul-2004
The GPL'ed version of GAMeS 1.4.1 is now in the CVS. Thanks J.