When I decide to start this project, I origionally did not
want to go through the trouble of building a cocktail cabinet.
I though it would be much easier to simply purchase one.
I had looked several places at buying a cocktail cabinet
that was gutted or partially working to convert
to the centipede cabinet.But everything that I
looked at was overpriced for my purpose.
I had acquired a monitor and CPU for this project.
I also had purchased a nice track ball for less than $20.
So to complete my dream of a centipede cocktail, I have decided
to build a cabinet instead.

April 16, 2002
- Started working on the top of the cabinet. Using 3/4" aok plywood.
- Rummaged through my extra parts and set aside a working Williams coin door.
pictures soon (been busy).
April 30, 2002
Ok, a lot has changed since I started up this project again. I purchased a centipede cabinet. Needs a lot of work. The cross beams that support both the monitor and the control panels need to be replaced. The monitor might need replaced. I have a couple other RGB monitors I might throw in. (Its amazing how many extra parts I have aquired over the last year). I took the top in yesterday to get glass cut for the table. I have also aquired the smoked plexi and the monitor bezel. I have also recreated the artwork for the top. I will see how it prints at the printers. If not well, I buy some from Steve G.

As soon as the DK Jr. and the Multi are working again, I start on this cabinet.